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Join Joe, Jen, and Tom as they delve into the highly anticipated television adaptation of The Wheel of Time and provide comprehensive coverage of all aspects of the series.  From the latest news to critical analysis, the trio aims to explore how Amazon will tackle the monumental task of bringing the 14-book epic to life. For Wheel of Time enthusiasts seeking to stay informed and engaged, this podcast offers an invaluable resource.

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“Love this podcast! Great fun. Great insights. News, news, and more news. Highly recommended for people who have read the whole series."
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Doug Spahr

"Hilarious, insightful & steeped in the lore of Wheel of Time, Talk'aran'rhiod is the perfect podcast for show news and discussion. Joe, Jen & Tom will make you feel like you're in the room with them as they banter in a way only close firend talking about something they love can."
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Jake Chazeal

"This podcast is a vital companion to The Wheel of Time on Prime and a fantastic listen for reading of the series. Joe, Jen, & Tom are all hilarious & have the synergy only old friends can achieve. Simply tremendous!"
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