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103 A Place of Safety

Updated: Feb 2

Credit: Jan Thijs Copyright: © 2021 Amazon Content Services LLC and Sony Pictures Television Inc. Description: Pictured (center): Marcus Rutherford (Perrin Aybara), Madeleine Madden (Egwene al’Vere)

A flashback: Nynaeve awakens while being dragged through the woods by a Trolloc. She watches the Trolloc disembowel another Trolloc, then runs away and hides in the sacred pool. She comes out of the water like a goddamn alligator and kills the Trolloc with its own sword. 


Flash forward to Nynaeve with her dagger to Lan’s throat. She asks him where her friends are, and he tells her they can’t find them unless she heals Moiraine. He doesn’t think Nynaeve will try to kill him, but she does, so he knocks her out. 


Mat and Rand are looking for Perrin and Egwene. Mat tries to convince Rand to go back home, but Rand wants to go to the white tower because he knows Egwene will go there. 


Perrin and Egwene are being followed by wolves. Perrin tries to light a fire but can’t, so Egwene channels to light one. Egwene wants to go home because she thinks Rand will be there, but Perrin says Rand will go wherever he thinks Egwene is. 


Lan has tied Nynaeve to a tree. Moiraine looks deathly ill. Nynaeve agrees to heal her if she will give her answers. Lan wants to know how Nynaeve tracked them. Nynaeve won’t tell him, but she mixes herbs and heals Moiraine’s wound. 


Perrin wakes up in his house during a storm, looking for Laila. We see a flash of the man with the glowing eyes. Perrin finds Laila dead with a wolf eating her intestines. She turns to look at him and we see the man again as Perrin jolts awake from a dream. Perrin and Egwene run from the wolves, who suddenly stop chasing them at the edge of a clearing. 


Rand and Mat come upon a town in a ravine. They see a dead man hanging in a cage with arrows stuck in him. In an inn, they ask for their friends, but are introduced to a gleeman, who performs a song, then teaches Mat a lesson in trusting strangers, and keeps Mat’s coin purse as a fee.


The wolves are following Egwene and Perrin at a distance. The two find fresh wagon tracks heading toward the white tower. Egwene suggests it was almost like the wolves had led them there. 


Rand and Mat ask the barmaid, Dana, for a room and she says they can chop firewood to earn it. Mat tells Rand he can do it alone and says Egwene and Perrin are probably dead…and a lot of other nasty things. Rand calls him a prick and starts chopping the wood alone as Mat walks off. 


Mat goes back to hit on Dana, who has him serving tables. He tells her he is from Baerlon, and he’ll get home, whatever he must do. She says it might be nice to get out of this shit town she was born in, but he says people are depending on him back home. 


Nynaeve worries Moiraine might be too poisoned to heal. Lan rides off to look for help.


Perrin tries to scout ahead to see who they’re following but Egwene tells him he doesn’t have to protect her. She says it’s not his fault what happened to Laila. They are suddenly surrounded by a group of Tuatha’an asking if they know the song. The Tuatha’an take them back to their camp and feed them. 


Rand finishes chopping wood and Dana gives him and Mat a real room and two beers. After some confusion about whether Rand and Mat are a couple, Rand shares a beer with her since Mat is not around. 


Lan spots some red tents.


Mat stares at the dead man in the cage. The gleeman approaches him, and they pull daggers on each other, but the gleeman is only there to bury the man. He explains the man is Aiel and was killed by cowards. He also notes the man’s red hair and how odd it is for anyone not Aiel. The gleeman allows Mat to rob the corpse, and Mat takes a coin purse and a small animal figurine. 


Dana and Rand discuss the Wheel and their places in it. She goes in for a kiss and he pulls back. She tells him she shouldn’t have braided her hair, because she reminded him too much of Egwene. He tries to leave, and she locks the door and attacks him, telling him she needs Mat, too. 


Mat and the gleeman, Thom Merrilin, finish burying the Aiel. Mat asks Thom for his coin purse, but Mat has already stolen it back. Thom tells him to take care. 


Rand breaks down the door and Dana chases Rand and Mat with Rand’s sword. She tells them she is going to hand them to the Dark One, so the Dragon can break the Wheel. She says she called a Fade to take them. A dagger, thrown by Thom, takes her through the throat, killing her. The boys leave with Thom. 


Lan, Nynaeve, and Moiraine ride up to Liandrin and other Aes Sedai. Liandrin tells them they captured a man calling himself the Dragon Reborn. A group rides up with a dark-haired man in a cage. 


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