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106 The Flame of Tar Valon

Credit: Jan Thijs Copyright: © 2021 Amazon Content Services LLC and Sony Pictures Television Inc. Description: Pictured: Sophie Okonedo (Siuan Sanche)

A fisherman and his young daughter, Siuan Sanche, go out on his boat for the day. To help her father, who has only one hand, Siuan channels to untie a knot. They return home to find their hut has been burned down, a dragon’s fang scrawled on the door. Siuan’s father sends her away from Tear and off to the White Tower.


Siuan, now Amrylin Seat, enters the Hall of the Tower. Logain is brought before her. He threatens her, calls her weak, and brags about killing Kerene, but Siuan refuses to have him put to death. He is dragged from the Hall, begging for someone to kill him. Siuan questions Liandrin about gentling Logain. Alanna and Moiraine stand up for her, but Siuan still blames Liandrin. Liandrin brings up Nynaeve, and how Moiraine keeps secrets from the Aes Sedai. Moiraine will not reveal what she has been searching for, and Siuan promises to deliver judgement on her tomorrow. Outside the Hall, Alanna tells Moiraine to apologize, and Liandrin’s henchwomen shoot snotty looks at Moiraine while Liandrin goes full bitch mode and stalks away.


Moiraine and Lan follow Nynaeve (I think) to Mat and Rand. Basel Gill makes a six second appearance on screen while showing them to their room.  Rand pulls his sword to protect Mat, but Lan disarms him as Moiraine discovers what the fuck is going on. She takes the Shadar Logoth dagger away and performs an exorcism on Mat, pulling the black goo out of his mouth and back into the dagger, which clatters to the floor.


Rand thanks Moiraine for her help, and asks if this means Mat’s not the Dragon, but Moiraine still has no idea. She just knows Rand still has to protect Mat. Nynaeve shows up and Moiraine drops this epic burn: If Wisdom is the title you claim, I suggest you start using some.


Maigan, head of the Blue Ajah, comes to Moiraine in the… sauna? She tells Moiraine about all the strange things happening in the world. No one knows how the Trollocs made it to the Two Rivers undetected. Maigan wants Moiraine to stay in the Tower permanently. Moiraine gets a secret message of a yellow leaf in her towel.


Moiraine follows a Yellow sister to Pegwene. Egwene tells Moiraine about Perrin’s wolf abilities, and Moiraine says to keep that a secret. She gives Moiraine Valda’s Aes Sedai rings.


That night, Lan accuses Moiraine of masking their bond. Moiraine tells him his priority is to protect the kids from the Two Rivers. Lan leaves to stand watch as Moiraine channels into the picture on her wall and appears in another room, with Siuan. Psych! They’ve been working together this whole time. That thing in the Hall was an act! They kiss passionately and then… well, the camera pans away again.


Post-coitus, they discuss the Dragon… Dragons… Moiraine is unsure about whether to believe the prophecies, or the vision they both heard twenty years ago. Siuan says if the Sisters find out what they’re doing, they’ll both be stilled. She tells Moiraine she’s had dreams of the Dark One, weakened, at the Eye of the World, and Moiraine must take all of the kids to the Eye to fight him. Moiraine says Siuan must exile her tomorrow, so she is able to leave the Tower.


Moiraine and Lan walk through the Tower loudly saying everyone’s names until Liandrin overhears. She knows everything Moiraine’s been up to during the last day. Moiraine threatens her, saying she knows about the man Liandrin meets in secret, and she will tell her Red sisters if she doesn’t F off. Moiraine meets Loial and asks for his help.


Moiraine shows Egwene the Hall of the Tower. She dramatically reveals Nynaeve and the two embrace. Moiraine brings the girls to Siuan’s room. Siuan says Nynaeve is the most powerful channeler they’ve seen in a thousand years, and she thanks Egwene for bringing back the rings. Nynaeve tries to leave but Siuan tells them that the Wheel has called them to greatness.


In the Hall, Moiraine is officially exiled. She kisses Siuan’s ring and takes an oath on the Oath Rod, to swear fealty to Siuan’s judgement, and it’s so sexual and emotional that I can’t believe everyone doesn’t notice it. The Aes Sedai all turn their backs on her as she leaves the Tower.


Moiraine rides out of the city and through the woods to an open clearing, to the base of a large structure. The crew, including Loial, all gather here. Rand and Egwene embrace, and then they all do. They send their horses away, Loial saying they would not survive the Ways. Moiraine tells them they are headed to the Eye of the World to find the Dark One’s prison, and whoever is the Dragon must stop him now. Moiraine channels into the structure, opening up a doorway into the scariest environment imaginable. Everyone walks inside, and at the last second, they realize Mat did not follow, and the door closes, leaving Barney Harris behind.

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