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108 The Eye of the World

Credit: Jan Thijs Copyright: © 2021 Amazon Content Services LLC and Sony Pictures Television Inc. Description: Pictured (L-R): Fares Fares (The Dark One), Josha Stradowski (Rand al’Thor), Rosamund Pike (Moiraine Damodred)

We cold open 3,000 years ago. Old friends Latra Posae and Lews Therin, the last Dragon Reborn, discuss Lews’ plan to face the Dark One. Latra refuses to bring the female Aes Sedai along, regarding the plan as foolish. When she leaves, Lews comforts his crying baby, and says today, he will make the world safer. A shot out the window shows a futuristic city with flying cars so… the world looks pretty good from here.


Rand and Moiraine continue through the Blight, seeing dead and rotting soldiers who had once thought they could make it through.


Egwene emotionally packs to follow Rand, but Perrin convinces her to stay. They both agree they love Rand and squash any awkwardness between them.


Moiraine and Rand rest near the seven towers of Malkier. He asks if it was hard to leave Lan behind, but she ignores the question.


Nynaeve admits to Lan she had tracked Moiraine from the Two Rivers, and she can tell him how, so he can bring back Rand. She says if she becomes Aes Sedai, it might be possible to wed. Lan rejects her with a beautiful poetic speech.


Rand awakens from a dream of the Dark One and Moiraine immediately gets stabbed through the back of her head and killed by the flaming eyed man. He changes his face to look normal and refers to Rand as Lews Therin. The man- the Dark One? - knows everything about Rand’s past and mocks him for being a stubborn fool. Rand stabs himself with his sword and then wakes up again. Phew, glad he was right about that!


Moiraine gives Rand a sa’angreal, a small figure that, when channeled into, will increase his power 100-fold. She tells him to use his power to seal away the Dark One again.


Looking over Tarwin’s Gap, Nynaeve admits to Egwene that she hasn’t been able to listen to the wind since she channeled. Egwene tells her she hears the same thing they heard on Bel Tine- wrongness- but much, much worse.


Rand asks Moiraine to teach him to channel but she says she can’t, because it will bring him closer to madness. She says he will channel by instinct when his life is at stake.


The Two Rivers folk and Loial go to Min. Min won’t tell them what will happen to Rand, and she sees a new vision of Nynaeve burning and some soldiers dying. A horn sounds, and the soldiers rush out of the bar. Trollocs march toward Tarwin’s Gap.


Aglemar and his men discuss the impending battle. Aglemar says he will move to the fortress with his personal guard and tells his men “you know what you need to do.”  Amalisa is adamant that the Gap will not hold, and they’ve said the Gap so many times, now I can’t stop thinking about the clothing store.


Rand and Moiraine get to the Eye. Hey cool, that wasn’t too bad! Rand tells Moiraine to wait outside but of course, she doesn’t listen. Lan dramatically stares at the seven towers as he follows them through the Blight.


Amalisa dresses Aglemar for battle and tries to convince him to stay. He tells her it is likely Fal Dara will fall, but at least they can hold off the armies long enough to give the rest of the world a fighting chance. Amalisa refuses to let the city fall.


The Eye looks like a sewer honestly, overgrown with weeds and an inch of water on the ground. Rand has a memory of himself- Lews Therin- fighting the Dark one in the center, above a black and white symbol. As he touches it, Rand is suddenly in a quiet house, back in the mountains of the Two Rivers, with Egwene and their baby girl, Joiya.


At the Eye, Moiraine tries to awaken an unconscious Rand. The Dark One appears and he easily deflects her channeling and takes the Power away from her.


Aglemar and his armies ride toward Tarwin’s Gap, banners flying. All non-Sheinarans are allowed to leave the city, while the Shienaran women prepare to defend it. Amalisa calls for any women who can channel. Min peaces out on the back of a cart.


Aglemar’s men- including Yakota and Uno- move his throne and begin digging at the stone underneath.


Nynaeve wants to get out before the battle, but Loial tells them they need their help.


A Fade with Trollocs storms the wall at Tarwin’s Gap while the Shienarans rain arrows down on them.


The five female channelers- Amalisa, Nynaeve, Egwene, the Malkieri woman from dinner, and one other red shirt, stand by the city, watching the Gap.


Perrin is mad that he can’t do more. I agree, Perrin.


Rand starts trying to figure out he got into this perfect life. Egwene says she decided not to be an Aes Sedai and they came home after the Eye. He asks Egwene a question only she could answer, and she nails it, but then immediately unnaturally freezes as the Dark One approaches. He tells Rand he can make the world whatever he wants it to be.


The Dark One mocks Moiraine, who holds a knife to Rand’s throat and says she will kill him if he chooses the dark.


Perrin and Loial go to help dig up whatever is under the throne.


The Trollocs have learned from the Battle of Helm’s Deep and are climbing up each other instead of using ladders. Aglemar is unceremoniously speared through the chest and killed.


Rand asks the Dark One how to make this world real while Moiraine is drawing blood on the unconscious Rand’s neck.


Padan Fain knocks on a door in Fal Dara with a stolen password, then two Fades decapitate the women who open the door.


They finally open up what’s under the throne and it’s the Horn of Bloody Valere, to be blown by the Dragon during the Last Battle to call the Pattern’s greatest heroes to fight with him.


Amalisa begins channeling and links with the other four channelers. She is immediately overcome by holding so much power. Trollocs have gotten through the wall and are heading toward them.


Perrin sees Padan Fain.


Rand begins channeling in the direction of the Dark One. Moiraine is really getting close to a throat slit.


Amalisa keeps pulling in power and it’s obviously too much for the women to handle.


Yakota and Uno hear a noise and leave the most powerful artifact ever unattended.


Amalisa unleashes power that just tears apart the Trolloc armies, but the red shirt channelers are dying, burning from the inside.


Rand starts channeling into the sa’angreal. He knows the woman in this life, who doesn’t want to be Aes Sedai, is not the real Egwene. The unconscious Rand stands, and both are channeling. A blast erupts from the sa’angreal, and the Dark One disappears.


Perrin runs back to the throne room and finds Fain and the two Fades- my new band name- stabbing everyone. It does not look good for them.


Amalisa can’t let go of the power and everyone is burning. She is in ecstasy. Nynaeve absorbs the Power from Egwene into herself. She repeats the words from her women’s circle ceremony. Amalisa burns to a crisp and Nynaeve collapses atop Egwene.

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon Studios Copyright: © 2021 Amazon Content Services LLC and Sony Pictures Television Inc. Description: Pictured: Sandra Yi Sencindiver (Lady Amalisa)

Fain sheathes Mat’s stolen dagger as he monologues to Perrin about why he always came to the Two Rivers. He tells him all five of them are Ta’veren. They sent the Trollocs to bring them to the Dark One, not to kill them, although I don’t think some of those Trollocs got that memo.


We see Mat, hooded, still not looking great, entering a dark Tar Valon, and looking at the Tower.


Rand says he will not go back to Fal Dara. He wants Moiraine to tell his friends he died, to protect them from his madness. He leaves her at the Eye.


Fain tells Perrin the Dark One is not defeated, then he and his boy band walk out with the Horn of Valere.


Lan finally gets to the Eye- oh, yeah, Lan! - and Moiraine tells him Rand is gone. She can’t unmask the bond because she can’t channel anymore.


Egwene brings Nynaeve back to life. Yeah, we’ll discuss that one later.


Moiraine is holding a piece of cuendillar, which is supposed to be unbreakable. This somehow tells her that there are more battles to come.


A young girl plays on a beach where nothing terrible could ever happen to her. Oh wait, a fleet of terrifying ships approaches. Women aboard the ship wearing golden gags channel to produce a tidal wave. Goodbye, small girl on Western shore. And goodbye, first season of The Wheel of Time.

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